It’s officially the 1st of december! Christmas has come to the city of Aarhus. Christmas movies are on the television all the time, christmas music on the radio and people are wishing each other a great 1st december.
The christmas cookies are in the shops as well as the advent calendars and the smell of christmas is everywhere.
I am personally going crazy about my advent calendars and are very impatient, and want to open them all and see what’s inside, but I am trying not to.
The town has been decorated for a while, but it’s now I really feel the christmas spirit, and I love it. The lights are hanging around in town and there are christmas decorations on the buildings, especially the big stores, inside the stores are christmas decorations for the tree and I can’t get myself to look away or walk past it. I have to stop and look at all the christmas balls and the small cute angels and stars and especially the fairy lights.
I am obsessed!


The thing that amazes me the most about christmas is people. The crazy thing about christmas for me is that people are already running around and buying christmas presents and stressing about it while running around like headless chickens. It is kind of funny to look at, especially when you don’t think about the fact that there is only 23 days until christmas, and everyone either has work to do or go to school.
But I know I would be one of the “stressed out people” if I had many presents to buy.


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