Dungarees, overalls, dresses… Call them what you want, I am obsessed. I love how they are cute short dresses but yet so stylish, especially with a nice and soft turtleneck tops or a just with a regular top.


I like summer, well that’s bit of an understatement… I LOVE SUMMER! And I have finally found something I would enjoy wearing on chilly winter days, that would look stylish, yet easy to wear.
Even though my lazy self wants to take either jeans or other kinds of pants on, I have decided that I would try to be more girly and spread the summer vibes on those chilly and windy days in Denmark.
I remember my mom was telling me a while ago about how I used to love wearing dungarees when I was a kid, and that she also wore them when she was younger. I am loving how those old trends are coming back.
I am totally going to try to rock the dungarees again, both pants and of course the dress… Well if I can now, not sure, but I am obsessed enough to try.



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