An alternative idea for a advent calendar is a homemade version. I am personally a big lover of homemade things and when you put thought into something and actually spend time on making someone happy.
I have been looking on these homemade advent calendars and I am SO jealous of those cute couples that make these amazing calendars for each other.



I would love to have an amazing boyfriend who would make this for me! It does not even have to be expensive things. Just small things he made or bought that he thought I would like and enjoy. It could be a picture of you two in a cute frame or go a little more expensive way and buy a bracelet or a necklace. And the other way around, if it’s from a girl to a boy. You could then by maybe a watch or buy tickets to the circus or just anything you think he would enjoy.
I would with no doubt in my mind hop out of bed  every single morning and run to my little present corner and enjoy that part of the day so much!

If you have that significant other, I would say to all of you that you could try this. I think it’s an amazing idea and makes it a little personal. It may take some time to buy all the little presents but I think it would be worth is when you see your girlfriend or boyfriend open those small presents and see their expression.


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