For not so long time ago, I’ve moved to the city of Aarhus. It is the second biggest city in Denmark and known as the city of smiles. I guess it is right, because the people are very happy and smile to each other every time they pass each other on the street, but I guess it is just a thing you do in Denmark.
I have for 1,5 years studied in this city and always wanted to move to the city. It has been very hard to have to use 3 hours in a bus every single day to and from school. And the most annoying thing is that I could not be with my friends after 19.00 because it was the last bus going home, and if I missed the bus I would not be able to get home.

But I was lucky enough that I was offered an apartment, a small apartment, but it was enough for me. And I have been living in this amazing city since august this year.



“Dyrehaven” Animalgarden in Aarhus. A park where deers are free to walk around in it. It is a very beautiful garden, especially in the summer. A very amazing place for picnic.


I really do miss my family a lot. I miss those mornings when my mom says good morning and my dad comes and jokes around with me, without any reason, but I do love living in my own apartment, even though it is very small.

I love Aarhus and I have for these five months loved living in this city and I enjoy being able to take the bus in the middle of the night and be able to come home, if that’s what I want to. And the best thing is that my family is close enough to visit, but far enough that we actually does not see each other every day and can miss each other.


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