Love never fails…. We’ve all heard that before, but is it really true or is it just a stupid thing we tell each other so that we never give up on finding the right one?
I’m not really sure!
We live in this time were there are so many different apps and sites how to meet the perfect one, but I don’t know if that’s the right way or if it really works. I know people who this worked for and I know people who says that i doesn’t work. I just know that I feel like it takes the personality away.

The only thing you have to do is to upload a picture and press search or swipe away. It depends on what dating site or app you are on. Hereafter you wait until an app finds the right match for you, or you search yourself until you find a woman or man you think looks good.
Here is my question….
Are we too afraid of getting hurt, that it makes it easier just to upload a picture? And hope for the best… Or is it something else?
Are we to busy to take the time out of our schedule and try to find someone we would like through our friends or when we are going out?
I guess it can be hard to find someone who is looking for love just like you, when most of the people in clubs or bars are drunk and grinding on each other, but maybe there is a tiny possibility that there is someone out there just like you. At least, I hope so!

Love can be hard to find, I know it too well! Feeling like there is something and there might be, but you are too afraid or shy and so is he or she. Maybe there happens something, but it changes completely after you talk a little more or after your first date. Or even if you are crazy about someone but they don’t feel the same about you!
We all know that feeling, and we all hate that feeling!
But the question from me is; Is romance and the real seach gone and the substitute is dating apps/sites and the only possibility for love is finding mr. or miss. TheRightSwipe?


I guess everyone is the master of their own happiness and I know there are plenty of couples right now having the time of their lives, meeting people on these dating sites and apps, but I guess I’m an old fashion girl, who just wants to get to know the person face to face and go out and not wait for some app to match me up with someone.
But I know that everyone just wants to find their happiness and love. If dating sites or apps are the right thing for you, go for it!
Everyone deserves love, whether it is on dating sites, apps or just maybe even someone in the bus, sitting right beside you. But do not ever use all of your energy trying to find love, maybe love will find you. Live your life! Love will come eventually!


Love is like a rollercoaster! There are ups and downs in this thing called love, but we got to fight for what we want, with what we have!
Maybe love does not fail after all!



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