The beautiful country that is Bosnia and Herzegovina is very unknown, but nonetheless it holds a various culinary treasures.
Gastronomy in this country is a balanced mixture of the Eastern and Western influences, that reflects on the country’s history.
It has gastronomic influences from the time when Bosnia and Herzegovina was under the Austro-Hungarian empire as well as The Ottoman Empire. But the geographical position plays a big role as well. Bosnian food is similar to food in the other Balkan countries as well as Turkey and Greece.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has amazing food and one of the most famous and beloved dishes is something called “burek”.
Burek is basically thin dough with meat filling rolled up into a snail-like form. It is often served with yogurt as the burek is warm and the yogurt is cold and it compliments each other very well.
The different cities in Bosnia have their own way of making burek and the people in every city says that their own is the best burek, as they do to every single dish. But the best burek I have tasted is in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Burek is just one kind of “pita” as the term is of that kind of dish. There can also be made pita with cheese, spinach and potatoes etc.


Another very lovely dish is ćevapi. It is almost considered as the national dish in the country.  Ćevapi are small beef sausages, but the secret to good  ćevapi is that the meat are mixed, so it is not only beef but also other kinds of meat. Ćevapi  are usually served with bread, onion and often with kajmak, a very popular kind of cheese.
As well as the burek every city has their own little secret to make the best ćevapi. But personally my favorite is in a small city called Sanski Most, where a family from Banja Luka, another city in Bosnia, makes them. I also like them in Sarajevo, where many tourists come to Sarajevo to taste ćevapi.


There are plenty of other Bosnian dished, but I wanted to give you a little introduction to the two most popular, and the two dished I love to eat.
My little Bosnian heart becomes very happy when I eat these dishes and I would be very sad if I didn’t know that they existed.



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