Here I am at last! Sarajevo will be my home for the next couple of months.
I am going to live in Sarajevo for the next four months and I will both live and study in this amazing city! I’m both exited and scared. It’s a new city, new people, new university, I guess a new language, even though i can speak Bosnian, it’s still weird to hear it all the time and hear people walking on the street speaking the language. I’m not used to that in Denmark.

I have now been in Sarajevo for two days. It’s a beautiful city and exiting city. I have visited it a couple of times, but it has always been for no more that four or five days, and not at all alone.


I can’t wait until I get to know everything better and meet some new people. And even try to get out more with friends and explore the city on a whole new level than before. I am going to be a local and not a tourist these four months. And I guess that it scares me, I almost just moved from my parent to Aarhus, and was just getting used to my nw home and new town and now I have to live and study in a whole new country!

But I hope that everything will be alright and that it will be a good experience. I will probably learn new thing and get new friends and maybe even learn to love and be happy in Sarajevo. Even though I will be far away from my parents and my home.
I think that everything will be better when it starts to get warmer and the spring really begins! I am sure that I will enjoy this journey, opportunity and this part of my life.

This Bosnian girl is going to be a little fat when she returns home, because she will eat many different good meals and cakes and other sweets this country has to offer!


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