Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Have you ever heard the saying “So many shoes but only two feet”? Well, that one rules my life! I am totally a shoe addict! I love shoes and I know some of you girls feel the same way. There is just something amazing when you are buying new shoes! I just get so happy when I am shopping for new shoes or just randomly buy a pair of shoes.

Since I was a kid I always played with my moms high heels… Not to mention that I actually destroyed one pair. I was just in love with them and I really liked to play dress up and dance in those high heels!You can say that shoes were my weakness since I was a little girl.

There is just one teeny tiny problem, there are so many beautiful shoes out there but so little money to spend on them, well at least if I want to eat something the rest of the month! And I really do like to eat something once in a while. I am a student and at the time I am not working beside my studies so I don’t really have so much to spend on that kind of luxury. A bit sad, I know, but I am working on getting a job soon!

Well back to the shoes!
I am a big fan of Adidas Superstar, Converse All Star, Nike and Puma Classic… Those are my go-to sneakers. They are so comfortable and easy to wear, and they can really bring an outfit down and make it more casual. At summertime I usually get a little more girly and wear skirts and casual dresses and I am not a big fan of  flat sandals, I only own to pairs because I simply cannot really find some that I truly like, therefore I love to throw  on a pair of sneakers and complete the outfit that way.

And then there is my crazy obsession with high heels! I have to admit that I have some heels that I still haven’t had on but I want to, there is just the little problem that I don’t really know what could be the occasion for me to wear them. But I love them and I am going to wear them some day! I know I will, I just have to find the right occasion… But nonetheless I still look at new high heels when I am shopping or just walking by a shoe shop and of course I fall in love over and over again, when I see new shoes.
I am actually very proud of myself for not buying all of the shoes I saw when I was in Bosnia! They are a lot cheaper than here!

But when I buy shoes I often by them on different internet sites… I often buy my shoes from and They have a lot to choose from and if you are a student as I am, it is a very good way to get some nice shoes to an affordable and reasonable price, so I would like to recommend those sites if you have not heard of them before.

This crazy shoe-lover wishes you all an amazing weekend!


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