Own A Little Red Dress!

The little black dress is something every girl knows about and I think that probably every single girl also owns a little black dress! But I feel like there also should be a little red dress in every girls wardrobe.
I love dresses, wait no, I adore dresses! I really have so many dresses that I do not even have space for them all in my apartment, but I buy them anyways! You know just because they are so pretty and I am going to wear it sometime!

That is why I would like to show you my little collection of the little red dresses that I am obsessed with, right at this moment and that I would like like to own.



I have been invited to one of my good friends weddings and as a bridesmaid I would have to wear a red dress, so I have been looking for the perfect red dress for that occasion. I would probably choose the first or the second for the wedding, but the last dress is so cute and flowy! It could be used as a cute summerdress with sandals, but it can also be matched with a pretty pair of high heels and be more of an cute occasion dress rather than an everyday dress.

If you would like to know where the dresses are from then here are the links:
Dress nr 1.

Dress nr. 2

Dress nr. 3


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