TOP 10 On a Monday Night!

Boring monday nights with a lot of reading to do because of a hectic university schedule and a new job. Well, I had one of those last night. It ended pretty good actually! My good friend Amalie, who now lives in Norway, and I had a little skype session last night. I can with confidence say that we really needed it!

The night ended with us making a list of 10 men and 10 women we think are attractive and made it into a combined top 5 both for men and women. I thought that it could be fun to share this with you guys! So here is our combined list.

Angelina Jolie
Miranda Kerr
Chaelin Lee (CL)
Adrianne Bailon

Taehyung Kim
Jamie Dornan
Justin Timberlake
Aidan Turner
Johnny Depp


If you guys have someone you really like and you feel is the whole package, I would love to hear your choice! And of course leave a comment if you agree in some of our choices.

My friend is also a blogger and has a cool blog, so you should go check it out! Just click on the link and hopefully it will work!
Amalie’s blog


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