I Am So Grateful!


I had my 22 birthday yesterday and I had a blast! I did not get the big party or anything but I still loved my day.

I was actually in school from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon but I was happy and got to share my day with some very nice people. After that I just went home to my mom and dad and enjoyed my day with them. It was nice and quite but I celebrated it either way. Last week I celebrated it a little with my good friend from Norway and next week I will celebrate it a little more with my good friends. And not to forget to say that a lot of lovely people I really care about wrote to me to congratulate. I am so grateful to have my family and have so many good friends.

I just wanted to update you guys a little and I hope that you all have an amazing weekend with people you love and care about! ❤




One thought on “I Am So Grateful!

  1. A Silent Spectator says:

    As they say, “friends, like books, should be few but hand selected”, and celebrations should be with them and them only..
    Because what is the rationale of having 500 people in a party where you barely even know them, isn’t it ?

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